Must Have Wedding Photos You Should Never Miss to Take

Bride putting on bracelet, bridal jewelery

When photographing details during a wedding, there are a lot of things you need to remember- you have to capture guests, important moments, the bride and the groom, and all the items that make a wedding colorful.

This means it can get overwhelming if you have not prepared well. Again, because of the busy nature of a wedding day, you may find yourself with little time to shoot all the tiny details. But we are here to help.

Below, we have discussed what and how to document before and during a wedding. This way, you will have an easier time shooting, and thus take breath-taking and memory-sparking images that will impress the couple of the day and the guests.

Must-Have Wedding Photos You Should Never Miss to Take

Shoes and accessories

Wedding bouquet of white orchids and shoes

Canon MarkIII, f2.5, 1/250

The moment you get to the preparation venue, the first things to shoot are the shoes and the accessories present. The bride and the groom will definitely have bought new shoes for the day, and you should never miss out to take a picture of their wedding shoes. If they are from a well-known brand, make sure you take a nice shot of the footwear with the logo inscribed box.

For the bride’s shoes, take the shot alongside any gift the groom has given. You may get creative and take a shot of the shoes with the bride’s dress hanging up. A wide aperture setting will do the trick here.


Wedding bouquet with roses and wedding rings

Canon 60D, f3.5, 1/125

Take a shot of the flowers as soon as they arrive when the stems, petals, and foliage are intact. Capturing them as soon as they arrive will give you an opportunity to have the best shot of them when they are in perfect condition. Remember to shoot the flowers with the business card, logo, or compliment slip of the florist.

Shoot flowers against a plain ground so that they can stand up.

Brides hair and makeup

Hair stylist makes the brides hair before the wedding

Canon 6D, f2.5. 1/320

After you take the shoes and jeweler shots, you need to shoot the bride's make-up and hair being done. Also, have some fun shots of the bridesmaid as they try to help the bride with the dress and accessories. This can be a mock-up shot- have the bridesmaids seem like helping the bride with accessories and dress.

Ceremony details

Wedding ceremony set up

Canon MarkII, f3.2, 1/800

You need to capture all the important moments such as shots of the bride and the groom at the altar, personal touches the couple has requested, the music band, and other creative items that make the wedding day colorful. All these wedding details matter a lot to the couple and they will be impressed when you present the album to them.

Remember that you should steer away from using flash during this time to avoid distracting people. Therefore, use a wide aperture lens to allow more light in your shots. This will help to expose your shot without having to raise your ISO.

Wedding party

This will be the easiest task for you. There are no rules here. You can capture the bride and the groom wandering and take shots of the guests enjoying themselves (don’t take a shot of someone chewing food). Capture the bride's accessories that may have been passed down to her by her parents such as hair brooch or groom men's cuff-links. Also, any part of the clothing that is unique deserves a shoot here.

Reception room

Wedding reception Decor, table decoration

Nikon D800, f1.6, 1/1000

This is one of the most time-critical wedding details shot you should be concerned with. You need to get the timing right- when venue staff are finishing the setup and guests start to arrive. If possible take a shot when the room is empty after the venue staff have finished up with the setup work. Do this from different angles.

Capture personalized items on the bride and groom table, and capture their names. Photograph each table in full and capture the table name, especially if it is personalized.

Other wedding details to shoot;

  • You will need to shoot gents' buttonholes when they have their suits on. You don't have to include faces. Again, use a shallower depth of field here.

  • You will also need to shoot the bridal car outside and several photos of the bride and groom entering their respective cars.

  • Take a shoot of all the external vendors helping with the wedding preparation and ceremony such as the DJ, make-up artists, hair designer, master of ceremony, etc. This will help you build up a working relationship with them and they may even suggest you to future clients

Bottom line

There is no limit to what you need to capture on the wedding day. During this time, your creativity and attention to detail will matter a lot. Make sure to take photos of all the wedding details and moments that breathe love and emotions.

Remember that every shot will help keep the couple’s memories of their most important day alive for years to come. Therefore, do your best!

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